Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking back at 2010 Resolutions

1. Never pass anything on about another person that will hurt them. Followed it for the most part but looking back at the last one year, I sure have scope for improvement.
2. Plant at least one tree.
3. Visit an orphanage and spend time with the kids.
4. Sleep under the stars.
5. Overcome the fear of change.
6. Spend a romantic evening with someone special at Bella-Ciao – This will happen soon enough ;)
7. Get one of my clicks published in some good magazine or website. – Not yet, did not even take that many good pics this year! :(
8. Sit on a deserted beach (alone or with someone close) and enjoy the star lit sky.
9. Smile at strangers. – I do that almost everyday now.
10. Do the right thing no matter how badly it hurts.- Same comment as 1. Can improve…
11. Take my parents on a vacation abroadtried that but they are not ready to come as of now. So still pending.
12. Play in the rain (did that when I was a kid; now time to do it as an adult!)
13. Buy a pet dog (White Labrador) as soon I start staying on my own. – Maintaining a dog in US is more expensive than maintaining myself, so this will only happen once I go back to India.