Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random thoughts - 10/24

The most compelling reason which made me to sit and type this is that, my blog has been deprived of words for over a year or so. I remember how enthusiastic I was when I started this blog and how passionate I used to be to update it, but off late... (I do update it with photos, but for any words)

I don't want to repeat the cliche, "dint get time" or "was busy with work", I don't think it holds good. “If you don’t want to do something, one excuse is as good as another.” In other words, if you’re NOT doing something, what does it matter why???

Anyways, had been pondering all day about what to write and lot of things came into my mind like the quote "Life is too short to have the same experiences over and over again..." but when I was about to start writing about the quote, I happened to watch a movie on youtube called "Nammukku paarkkaan munthiri thoppukal".

It's a romantic movie by the famous director Padmarajan, by romantic I don't mean the usual feel good ones. This movie is the love story between an upper middle class Nazrani Solomon (Mohanlal) and a girl Sophia (Shari) from the lower middle class neighbourhood. The CHARACTER of the movie is played by Paul (Thilakan) as Sophia's father, the amount of hatred that viewers feel towards that character shows how successful he was in depicting that role. As you might think now, its not about the usual class division or any other trivial issues based on which 100's of movies have already come. Its a very strong movie with intense emotions and feelings. I think its the best malayalam romantic movie I have ever seen. A very strong movie by all means. Viewers discretion is advised though.

Random things that I read about today:
Google has been secretly working on a project called "Google Cars" for past couple of years. Google cars is all about making the cars smart enough to drive themselves without any human intervention. Apparently, there are lot of Toyota Priuses which has been running on the road in CA and together it has logged almost 140000 miles (Of course there were drivers in the car to take over if something goes wrong) but it seems like we could see self driven cars in the near future. The cars were fitted with lot of sensors, radars, cameras and all the data captured by these devices were sent back to the Google datacenters where it gets processed. Then it sends back the instructions to the cars. Sounds cool but not for me, whats the whole point of all the Audi's ,BMW's, Merc's etc if we cant drive them... Major *dislike*

Read an interview with John Sculley (Ex Apple CEO & before that Pepsico CEO), the interview was about Steve Jobs. Well, John Sculley is the last person to have bossed around Steve Jobs and he was the person whom the Apple board of Directors chose as the CEO as against Steve Jobs. The man himself admits that it was a major mistake by the board of directors to have chose him against the designer/inventor of all times (He must be quite some man to admit that, hats off..) take from the interview "Perception leads to reality and if you are going to create a reality, you have to be able to create the perception...."

Off late am feeling so lonely :( sad I know!!

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Serenity of Autumn - NorthShore Drive, MN

"The Serenity of Autumn....."

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lutsen Mountains, MN - Fall 2010

Fall is the season when every leaf turns itself into a flower.... Lutsen Moutains, MN