Monday, February 16, 2009

Nothing in life like being alone!!!

No one to laugh with, no one to cry with
The pain of loneliness is sometimes unbearable!!!

Sitting alone at a beach, staring at the star lit sky.
The joy I get, inexpressible it is!!!

Journey called “My Life” seems so directionless now,
Don’t know where I am going, don’t know what I need!!!

Had learnt to smile all the way,
So I am smiling, Alone on the road!!!

Nothing in life like being alone!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Howard Roark quotes...

Recently I read couple of quotes by Howard Roark. I really loved the way it's been put across. Simple yet very powerful and influential. Thought I will share it here because I believe it's worth reading at least once in your lifetime.

For those of you who don't know "Howard Roark", he is the protagonist of "The Fountainhead" - a 1943 novel by Ayn Rand. I am waiting to get hold of that book, because somehow I became a fan of "Howard Roark" right after reading these quotes!!!

  • "I came here to say that I do not recognize anyone's right to one minute of my life. Nor to any part of my energy. Nor to any achievement of mine. No matter who makes the claim, how large their number or how great their need. I wished to come here and say that I am a man who does not exist for others."
  • "Man cannot survive except through his mind. He comes on this earth unarmed. His brain is his only weapon. Animals obtain food by force. Man has no claws, no fangs, no horns, no great strength of muscle. He must plant his food or hunt it. To plant, he needs a process of thought. To hunt, he needs weapons, and to make weapons -- a process of thought. >From this simplest necessity to the highest religious abstraction, from the wheel to the skyscraper, everything we are and everything we have comes from a single attribute of man -- the function of his reasoning mind."
  • "The choice is not self-sacrifice or domination. The choice is independence or dependence. The code of the creator or the code of the second-hander. This is the basic issue. It rests upon the alternative of life or death. The code of the creator is built on the needs of a reasoning mind which allows man to survive. The code of the second-hander is built on the needs of a mind incapable of survival. All that which proceeds from man's independent ego is good. All that which proceeds from man's dependence upon men is evil."
  • "The egoist in the absolute sense is not the man who sacrifices others. He is the man who stands above the need of using others in any manner. He does not function through them. He is not concerned with them in any primary matter. Not in his aim, not in his motive, not in his thinking, not in his desires, not in the source of his energy. He does not exist for any other man -- and he asks no other man to exist for him. This is the only form of brotherhood and mutual respect possible between men."